Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26th 2010


I am thinking...I might try and relate today’s blog to running. I’m guessing I can steer all my answers that way. Let’s see.

I am thankful for... trails. I love where I live. The trails in Draper, UT are so amazing and I literally live within running distance of about 20 that serve me very well. I love the hills especially the downhill. There is something so great about the dirt and the trees and the smell and the wildlife and o.k. all of it. They are AWESOME. I remember my amazing sister-in-law telling me about them 8 years or so ago, how much she loved running them and how beautiful they were, and me laughing and knowing that I would never run them and for sure would never love them if I did ever run them. How wrong I was. Little did I know how much I was going to need running after I each kid. I need the release, the challenge, the solace, the meditation. I need it all to make my happy little world go round.

From the kitchen... protein shakes and something I am loving right now. For the most part I am not that girl. I really like to just eat/drink things that I will be eating and drinking 10 years from now. I am not a fan of diets that will not translate to real life. This aside, my friend gave me some protein powder and I love it. I crave it! Its my treat. I like it with a frozen banana and some ice. It is such a treat and it really helps with my appetite.

I am wearing... jog bra, black tank, black/white/pink hoodie, yoga pants, and bare feet. I haven’t changed from running this morning. I know that this is bad but there it is. Sometimes I just don’t get to it until dinner time.

I am creating.... habits. I love the tread class at the gym. I have been a few times but twice in the last week. It kicks my butt. I love running especially if it kills me. I have such a hard time with treadmills, they are so boring but this class is great. I almost think it would be an asset while I am training for a race. Today we did a ton of speed training. It was hard!

I am going... to run a half marathon in August and maybe one sooner if I can find one. I should get on that.

I am reading... I read Olive Kitteridge last week. It was really good. It is such an interesting book. It can be depressing for some but I love how much it made me think. It takes people from all different backgrounds, different walks of life, and it explains a lot of why and how they ended up who they are. It is a novel in stories and most of the stories never get finished but it helped me. I always think that everyone thinks like I do so I can’t figure out why they react to things different than I would. I mean I know that we are not all the same but it just helped me broaden my tolerance and understanding and I loved it. I am reading “Her Fearfull Symmetry” by Audrey Neffininger right now. I love it so far but we will see.

I am hearing... I am listening to the new Kris Allen album and I love it. I am excited because a few of the songs will be really great to run too. I always love new music on my runs.

Blog I am enjoying… did you guys check out last weeks? It is so great. Here is one that I have been following for a long time. I love it. I love her. She is really someone that I could be friends with. It is another very religious blog which is actually weird for me because I don’t really wear my religion on my sleeve like these women do but they inspire me just the same. http://adashofhumblepie.blogspot.com/ just an fyi on this one…she never says what she is struggling with. I spent a good few weeks going back and reading old posts trying to figure out how I missed what her trial is. She never says, it bothered me at first but not now. I get it and I almost love her all the more for it. She is amazing.

One of my favorite things... I forgot until just now that I already told you guys about my protein shakes last week, right here on this blog. Sorry. My favorite thing this week is my Saucony running shoes. I love the brand and that every time I put on my running shoes I feel like I am walking on pillows.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I’m going on a girls trip to Bear Lake this weekend. Can’t wait to have some friend/me time. It will be so fun to just relax and enjoy my sweet friends for a few days.

A picture to share... this is a picture from a race I did over a year ago. So fun! I love my running friends!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th 2010


I am thinking...That I am really doing poorly on this not yelling thing. I am exercising more and eating less which is never condusive to a patient me. I need to work on that. My sister gave me some advice about that today. She said to eat when I am hungry even if it is right before meal time. I am going to try it.

I am thankful for... Friends. I met some of my favorite people today at Chick-fil-a for a little break from the everyday, laundry, cleaning and the like. It was great. These women get me and I love it. I am blessed to have them in my life.

From the kitchen... leftovers tonight for dinner. I am normally not a leftover girl but my fridge is full of them and I just couldn’t make another full meal when there is so much food in there.

I am wearing... black yoga pants, blue hooded shirt from target, socks and running shoes. (I keep telling myself I am going running. We will see.)

I am creating.... nothing new at the moment.

I am going... running?

I am reading... I just finished “The Truth About Forever” and I loved it. This book was really good. It gave me a lot to think about. The main character was totally not relatable to me and I love that. I love to get a completely different perspective. I am starting “Olive Kitteridge” by Elizabeth Strout today. I have to have it read by Thursday so I better get a move on.

I am hearing... some music from a new blog that I love. I think it is some form of Christian rock or something. I like it.

Blog I am enjoying… http://resolved2worship.xanga.com/ I am loving this blog because of the beautiful pictures and how relatable this woman is to me. She has 7 kids under 11 which I can honestly say I will never have but I may have that many under 12. We will see. Anyway, her pictures are true art. They are beautiful. She is a very inspiring person. She is a bit long winded though and I do find myself wishing I could read all of her post but not having time. I will get there.

One of my favorite things... protein shakes with frozen bananas. (why does this always end up being food?)

A few plans for the rest of the week... hmmmm…. Book club on Thursday which I am excited about. I love the women in my book clubs. I go to two and I love them both. Such different women and yet I love being with them and laughing and talking and getting a new perspective on everything. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many great women!

A picture to share...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Is it bad that I have no idea what the date is? I will have to go look at my phone since I can’t figure out how to find it on my computer. Oh, I lied, I found it on my google homepage. It’s the 12th.

I am thinking...Well, just a minute ago I was thinking that if I keep eating the valentine m&m’s out of my canister in my kitchen, I will be fat and sad because they look so cute in the canister in the kitchen. Whatever.
I am thankful for... Faith. I am having major trouble with the “not yelling” I am supposed to be doing. I am grateful for prayer and hope that if I do it enough then this will get easier. It’s just, I can’t help it, the people in my house are so frustrating!
From the kitchen... m&m’s as previously mentioned and taco soup in the crockpot. I am trying to decide whether to make cornbread. It sounds so good but if I make it I will undoubtedly eat it, and that will not be good since I didn’t run today.
I am wearing... black shirt, pink sweats, no shoes. I am in love with my barefeet today. I hope I won’t have to put on shoes at all today.
I am creating.... I’ve been working on a few quilts. I think I have at least 5 in all different stages. I hope I will finish at least one before I start another but there are no guarantees. Also I really want to make this … http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=20&f=4534 and this… http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=41&f=4529
and I am not sure I am going to be able to talk myself into waiting until another project is done before I do at least one of these.
I am going... nowhere fast… no really, I don’t think I am going anywhere today! YEAH!
I am reading... I never finished “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon, it was horribly long and I just couldn’t make myself finish. Since then I read “The Actor and The Housewife” by Shannon Hale. I really liked it. Unlike my sister Diana, I didn’t find it predictable but I did find it totally unrealistic. I found it very thought provoking, sad, and really funny, though. I would recommend it to anyone. It is nice to have a Mormon character in a book and not have her be weird or whatever. She was just normal, like me, and I liked that.
I am hearing... Peace and quiet. All is still in my home right now and I like it. If this happened a little more often I might be able to keep myself from yelling. Maybe I just need to really embrace the quiet when it happens and that would help. I think I will try it. Maybe a nap, even.
Blog I am enjoying… http://greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com I love to find new blogs that make me want to improve or inspire me to take time away and create something. I guess that you could say I am somewhat of a closet artist. I think I am pretty good at recognizing beauty or at least what is pleasing to our eyes and recreating it either in a photograph or picture or even a logo or a book cover. It comes very natural to me so I just assume everyone can do that, but I am told that it doesn’t, and that I have a talent. I like that. This blog is pretty amazing. I have loved going back a looking at all the amazing photographs on this blog. I really want to take my kids out and start snapping photos and then bringing them back and playing with them in photoshop. I love to do that but I have a hard time finding the time.
One of my favorite things... Today one of my favorite things is… red and pink m&m’s.
A few plans for the rest of the week... 12th night http://12thnight.eventbrite.com/ My brother is really cool and he does a fundraiser every year called 12th Night. It is fun and a good way to contribute to something and also have fun doing it. Have I mentioned he is my hero. Well, he is, and his wife is also. She is by far the most amazing mother of eight I have ever met. If I could be half the parent that either of them are I would be very lucky and my kids would be even luckier. As it is, they are stuck with me and my need to yell. At least they have Brian. He is a really good Dad.
A picture to share... I am sharing this because it may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. I don’t think it is legit but it is cool just that same (no this is not an announcement). When I am ready, I will tell you all, but as I have said my house needs to be a house of PEACE before I bring another person in it.

Sorry so wordy this week. I guess I was just inspired by the quiet. As I mentioned, it doesn’t happen a lot!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3rd 2010


This post is going to be different than the last few. I have some new goals and hopes for the new year that I need to document so I won’t forget them or let them go by the way side.

My home is not a happy place. It hasn’t been for a while now. That is not to say that we don’t have a good time and that my kids are not happy well adjusted children, they are. But, the overall feel of my home is not happy. I have come to the conclusion that this starts with myself, first a for most. I set the tone of the home. Overall I am a happy person, most days are good, but I am overwhelmed and tired and sometimes I just don’t deal with all that all that great and I lose it. I lose it more often than I should. I have a temper, and I wish that my kids didn’t know it. They do. I am hoping to change that this year. My word for the year is... I really want my home to be peaceful. I want us to be able to disagree without screaming about it and I want my kids to stop fighting so much and for us to just get along better and be able to feel peaceful in our home. So I have set some goals for myself to accomplish this and I am hopeful that this feeling of peace will happen in our home throughout the year.

1. No yelling! Period! If I slip and yell I will spend 10 undivided minutes with whoever I yelled at. This is not a punishment for me but it is really hard to find that time but I think that it is important to mend what I just broke by yelling and this seems like a reasonable way to do it.

2. Lower the volume in our home. This one will be hard because I will have to find ways to get others in our home to lower their volume. As for the TV and Music that will be fairly easy I think but the other more difficult.

3. Use our basement more. I really think this will help with the volume in our home. We have three floors even though we tend to only use the two above ground. The basement will be a good place to send the louder people who refuse to lower their volume. This isn’t a punishment since everything fun in our home is down there it will just help with the volume control.

The rest of my goals are ones that don’t directly relate to my word of the year but will help with the overall feel of our home which will indirectly help our home feel more peaceful.

4. Clean all the bathrooms every week. We will start there. I hope to be able to clean the whole house every week and for the most part all of it does get clean every week with the kids doing their chores and things like that but the bathrooms tend to get neglected, especially the upstairs ones, so I am hoping to be able to stay on top of that.

5. Do an act of service every week outside of the home. Let’s face it I need the blessings and I need to think about others (beside my family) way more often.

6. Spend less. I know, I know, I say this every year and so does everyone else but I really mean it, OK!

7. Read my scriptures more and make sure I have read the Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society lessons every week. Since I won’t be going to those two classes because I am in the nursery at church hopefully I will be able to brush up on my knowledge of the Gospel by myself.

8. Buy one book shelf or menial piece of furniture every month. This one is fun! Some months I am sure I will not be able to afford something big but at least I can buy something that will help organize our home. We need so many things but buying them all at once is unrealistic.

That’s it. They seem lofty and quite overwhelming at the moment which I am sure is not good and will lead to failure but I am at least whole heartedly determined to make my home more peaceful. I know I can do this with the Lord’s help.
I will be continuing with my topic questions for the year but I think I will be adding and subtracting some. Stay tuned for next week to see what they will be. (I am sure you all waiting with baited breath)

Friday, January 1, 2010

December 31st 2009

12-31-09 (not really but we can pretend, right?)

Outside my window... darkness. It is night and I am trying to get this done before the day is through. It is late but I am going to focus this post on Christmas week and then do another one about my goals for the new year and new topic questions for the new year.

I am thinking...about how great Christmas was this year. We did three gifts for our kids and it was perfect. It was nice to not have a million.

I am thankful for... My Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday and it was great to really be able to focus more on the Savior this year than the past few and remember all He did for me and all He asks of me. I need to do better.

From the kitchen... There is way too much junk in my kitchen. Tomorrow it is all going in the garbage, I promise!

I am wearing... My new pink sweat suit. It is so comfy and I love it because my sweet friends gave it to me and it was the perfect gift. I have great friends!

I am creating.... Good Memories! This really was the perfect Christmas.

I am going... to friends to play cards. I love that we have a standing date with the Davies to hang out and enjoy each others company. They are true good friends and I love that I can be myself with them.

I am reading... The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, yep still reading it. Its long and not really my normal kind of book. I am ready to be done with it but it keeps going and going and going.

I am hoping... For a peaceful home. More of that to come.

I am hearing... quiet…

Around the house... Christmas is down. It was great and I loved a new thing I started this year of hanging my Christmas cards on the railing. IT really was cute and was a fun reminder everyday of all the great people we know.

One of my favorite things... My kids joy on Christmas morning. They really were so joyful this year. There were no tears and they were so excited to give each other the gifts they had picked out for each other. It was pretty awesome. I think next year we will have them draw names and just give to one sibling. I think it will be fun to have them really think about what that person wants and maybe even contribute to the cost of the gift. That might help my bank account as well. I also hope next year to do my gifts a little different. I want them to really mean something so I think we will do a want, a need, and a spiritual gift of some sort. I really want to focus more on the meaning of Christmas and I think this will help. I also think we might need to read the nativity story in the morning before we do presents. We always do it the night before with my whole family but it might be nice to do it just with us and really talk about what we are celebrating.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Get my house in order.

A picture to share... Christmas morning.