Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is your personal best?

So I came home from visiting a friend the other night and my kids were all gathered around Dad who was typing on the computer. They had decided to make a family record book and Brian was helping them think of categories for it. It was really fun. We decided rather than having us compete we would just get everyone’s personal best. Obviously the height isn’t really one some of us can improve on but things like flexibility (Brian) some of us could get a little better at and Mom really could improve on the ripstik. What a joy every single one of my sweet toe heads are and my husband too. Life is great in a family of eight! Here are a few pictures I took with my new camera I got for Mother’s Day and a list of our personal bests!

Height Records:
Dad 36 70 in
Mom 32 66.5 in
Justin 8 52 in
Jillian 7 48.5 in
Riley 7 48.5 in
Colton 4 40 in
Sadie 2 34.5 in
Marcus 2 mo. 22

Toe touch (flexibility) Records:
Dad 36 -.5
Mom 32 7.5 in
Justin 8 3.5 in
Jillian 7 4.5 in
Riley 7 4.5in
Colton 4 7 in
Sadie 2 5 .5 in
Marcus 2 mo. 5 in

Ripstick Riding:
Dad 36 5 min
Mom 32 0 sec
Justin 8 25.5 min. on account of the snow that starting to fall
Jillian 7 2 sec
Riley 7 2 sec
Colton 4 0 sec
Sadie 2 0 sec
Marcus 2 mo. 0 sec.

Standing Long Jump Records:
Dad 36 93 in.
Mom 32 56 in.
Justin 8 62 in.
Jillian 7 55 in.
Riley 7 51 in.
Colton 4 40 in.
Sadie 2 10 in.
Marcus 2 mo.

We stopped because of time constraints but hopefully we will finish with the rest soon. I will post when we do more.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Marcus finally got a Birth Announcement!

I have finally buckled down and made a birth announcement for Marcus. I know I am a little slow but he is baby number six after all. I know that's not a good excuse but it's all I got. He is such a sweet baby. He really never cries and is so easy going. The kids are still very much in love with him and spend a lot of time touching, kissing and tugging on him. Life is good at the Mellenthin's these days!