Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Girls Dance Recital

Riley and Jillian are quite the dancers these days. They had a recital the other night. They performed a modern dance which was great.
Here's the blueberries and the strawberry posing before they took the stage.

Justin's Piano Recital

Justin has been taking piano for about 9 months. He is getting quite good and earned a superior rating from Federation. Here is a picture of him with his certificate.

Zoo Trip 2008

So Mom was crazy and decided to take the kids to the zoo with a bunch of friends. It happened to be spring break and the zoo was CRAZY, but we did have a fun time. Here is a picture of the kids we went with. I am sure there are a few missing but as you can tell it was a wild ride!


So Easter was great! The kids went to two egg hunts and got way too much loot.

Brian and I were discussing how sad it is that Easter does not get the same hype as Christmas. It is a much more important day and yet it tends to be overlooked.
We are truly grateful for Christ's sacrifice and for the atonement, we are grateful for a day that reminds us of this great event.