Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We had a trampoline in our FAMILY ROOM

Yes, the title is accurate! Grandma and Grandpa Mellenthin gave the kids a trampoline for Christmas and my husband was determined to put it up in the Family Room. Crazy right? Yes, he is crazy, but right. The kids loved it and most likely will never forget it!

We had a great Christmas. On Christmas Eve we did our traditional Birthday Party for Jesus and all gave our gifts to Christ. After some considerable prodding we got Riley to pick something other than "I will eat ice-cream everyday." It actually turned out really nice, Colton promised to listen to good music (I don't know where he would here bad music, but that's o.k.) Jillian has promised to obey right away (Mom is really hoping she sticks to this one) Justin is going to keep the world clean (thank you to the school systems for pushing this) and Mom and Dad promised to go to the temple more. Hopefully we will all remember these and be successful.

Christmas morning was really nice. Apart from the crazy tramp the kids got some good gifts that they really seem to like. Justin has told me 50 times that this is the best Christmas ever which is spectacular because he only got 4 things. I guess Santa and Mom and Dad really paid attention this year.

Today, I have been walking around my house watching my kids play with their friends and new things and wondering how I got so lucky! Life is good and we are so blessed!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is Coming, Mom is getting FAT!

So here we are ready for another year of Joy and Gladness..... or fighting and sadness?

Christmas is always so fun for our family. With five kids and one on the way the spirit is definitely here. We love to buy gifts for each other and make Santa lists.... and more Santa lists... I think each of the kids have revised their lists at least 3 times. Unfortunately, I think Santa did most of his shopping in November so we may have some disappointment. I hope not.
I love Christmas morning. At our house Santa wraps the gifts and hides them. The kids then take turns going to find their gift. It is nice to watch them be excited for there siblings and to watch there faces when they open the gift. The other nice thing about this Mellenthin tradition is that it makes Christmas morning last a little longer.