Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 14th and 15th, 2010

4-14-2010 and 4-15-2010

I am thinking...I haven’t yelled this morning and I feel good. I hope it can last. I have been on vacation in VA for the last 6 days and that has definitely helped with my perspective.

I am thankful for... My sister, and life, and good friends and my security. I love that I know who I am. I learned a lot about myself in the last week, being virtually free with nothing pressing. I like to read books and spend time with family and good friends and just be.

From the kitchen... Chicken noodle soup and breadsticks. I haven’t actually made them yet but I need to do it before enrichment tonight so hopefully they will soon be “from the kitchen”, right?

I am wearing... My robe… not feeling great today and so I haven’t forced myself to get dressed.

I am creating.... I will get back to you on that one

I am going... I have to go to Costco today for groceries and then drive dance. Oh, and I have book club tonight! Yay! I love book club!

I am reading... On my trip I read, Daddy Long Legs, which was so fun and light and lovely! Then I read, House Rules by Jodi Picoult, it was an excellent book. It gave me tons of insight into autism and aspergers. I learned a lot. On the plane ride home I read Candor, which was very The Giver-esque which is always a winner for me. It needs a sequel though.

I am hearing... Colton is playing Donkey Konga (Konga drum game for the gamecube) It’s a little annoying but at least I know he has rhythm.

What I have learned about parenting this week… Well I was gone for a while and had some time to reflect on that. The things that I am hoping to do better at are to be more patient and take things in their stride. It does no good to fly off the handle. I know my kids tune me out when I do that. I am trying to do better with that. Sadie told me yesterday when I told her to do something “You know Mom you aren’t God” when I said “what did you just say?” she said “Are you?” with a very confused look on her face. She is funny and I love her but she is in major need to some good parenting. I hope I can measure up.

Blog I am enjoying… There are definitely some good ideas here!

One of my favorite things... Life Cereal! I had a bowl today for the first time in a long time. It was so good!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Jillian has a dance competition on Saturday so Brian and I are planning on spending the day up in Clearfield. Should be fun.

A picture to share... This is me and some friends from high school in VA this past weekend. It was so fun to catch up and spend some time with them.