Monday, June 29, 2009


I will try to do better! Unfortunately my computer with all my recent pictures and video is on the DL right now, that is of the nonworking because of a virus DL, just in case you were wondering. I hope my incredible sexy and savvy husband will fix it sometime soon. I have a million things today! The dentist is number one on the list. Not number one because I am so excited I can't wait because really I can wait. I hate the dentist. He is my Uncle so I don't really hate him but I really do dread seeing him. I didn't have any cavities until I had children so for years the dentist meant -go sit in a chair, get my teeth scraped and picked at, then cleaned, then flossed the go home. Then I had children and they apparently really like all the stuff that my body needs to make my teeth strong so the stole it and my teeth suffered and now I have a cavity or two for each child. So I saw the dentist last Monday and.... Marcus apparently really really loved the stuff that makes my teeth strong so I have three, count um three cavities. I hate having cavities filled. It hurts! It hurts, for days, and days, and days! At least I won't eat for a week. That could be beneficial to my hind quarters. I just wish there was a better way. I mean really, that syringe is so big! And the needle, its huge! Oh and did I mention it really hurts. Now that all two of you who read this lame blog are wishing you hadn't read this post because your mouth is starting to hurt and you are trying to remember when your next dentist appointment is and how you can get out of it, I will say adieu.