Saturday, February 12, 2011

They are 10!

It's my twins birthday today.

They are 10.
I can't believe it.
I have spent 10 years enjoying them.
I don't remember a lot of the first few years.
You make think I am over exaggerating, but I'm not.
I really don't remember.
I really wish I did.
I remember that Riley was harder than Jillian.
I think it was because she was into more things because she was always exploring.
Her little brain couldn't get enough.
Jillian was somewhat more docile in that respect.
She was neat and tidy.
Riley was always a mess. Riley was patient and she was fine to wait her turn.
That meant Jillian was always fed first, dressed first, and the like.
As they have grown they have continued to be very different.
Jillian is graceful, beautiful, dramatic, and smart.
She loves to dance and move and get her way.
Riley is spunky, pretty, dramatic and smart.
Riley loves to sing and perform.
She loves to be the center of attention.
Jillian would sooner die.
She hates it, except when she's dancing and then she wants everyone to see only her.
Riley spends a lot of time making herself stand out and is confident with who she is.
These two girls are so different and yet both so fun!
I love them and I am so jealous that they get to spend every day with their very best friend.
I hope they remain friends but also remain as different as they are.
They are so fun to watch!
I can't wait to watch them both soar.

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